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The dynamometer control console, 23k img.

* Dyno Test Checklist. (click to download PDF)
* RevSearch YouTube video Channel.
*Amsoil test results - Purchase Amsoil products.
* Engine oils, roller cams, flat tappet cams.
*Ford engine page.
*Chevy engine page.
*Dodge engine page.
*Pontiac engine page.
*Sound of Dodge on the dyno. (964K)
*Why dyno test?
*Torque vs Horsepower discussion.
*Dyno terms defined.
The dynamometer control console.

Unique features of our dynamometer;

Prices for dyno testing;

Note: A complete sweep test and data printout takes about five minutes. So with minor changes between tests, around six tests could be run per hour.

Prices for engine assembly and dyno testing;

Engine assembly and dyno testing using your parts.

Please feel free to contact us for more information, references, or with any questions or comments.

Sonic Testing cylinder walls and cylinder head port walls;

Jesse Lackman
Center ND 58530

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