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The dynamometer control console.

Engine Dynamometer Testing
At RevSearch we are able to dyno test most automotive engines. Our Stuska water brake can be spun to 10,000 rpm and will load engines of 0 - 1,800+ HP. We could set up to test any type of engine in this range.

Engine Assembly and Development
We can assemble and dyno test your engine. The ability to do very detailed engine dynamometer testing means RevSearch can also conduct unlimited engine development programs.

Technical Description of our Dyno

The digital data acquisition on our dynamometer;
The data acquisition computer corrects for acceleration and deceleration inertia, reads torque, rpm, 12 exhaust gas temperatures, fuel flow, air flow, inlet air temperature, engine oil pressure, engine oil temperature, engine manifold pressure, and engine water temperature channels over 1,000 times a second. Barometric pressure and humidity inputs along with the inlet air temperature channel are used for correcting horsepower and torque to a known standard (SAE J1349, J1228, J607, J245). Also recorded are calculated channels such as volumetric efficiency, brake specific fuel consumption, brake mean effective pressure, air fuel ratio, EGT average, and EGT delta. See dyno shoptalk definitions.

Graphed dyno test results;
All the data acquisition channels can be graphed in any way imaginable.

Safety features on our dynamometer;
The dynamometer is wired so that the engine being tested will not crank, start, or run without oil pressure. Initial oil pressure is supplied by an integrated electric prelube oil pump. This is ideal for the initial run of any engine.

Engine preheating;
We can preheat the test engine with the built in coolant heater and electric water pump drive.

Additional features on our dynamometer;
The EGT thermocouples can be mounted in a spacer that fits between the test engine’s cylinder head and exhaust manifolds or headers. This way we can avoid drilling holes in your headers for the EGT thermocouples. RevSearch has built equal length adjustable (for primary tube length and collector diameter) dyno headers for small block Chevrolet, small block Mopar, big block Mopar, and W-2 Mopar. Others will be built in the future. Most of the fuel supply system is stainless steel and will handle exotic fuels.

Laboratory accuracy;

Prices for dyno testing;

Note: A complete sweep test and data printout takes about five minutes. So with minor changes between tests, six to eight tests could be run per hour.

Prices for engine assembly and dyno testing;

Engine assembly and dyno testing using your parts. (I can supply rebuildable cores.)

Please feel free to contact us for more information, references, or with any questions or comments.

Jesse Lackman
2647 37th Ave SW
Center ND 58530

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